January 17, 2023


Daylight Scripture – The Lord said to Moses, “Come up to me on the mountain and wait. I’ll give you the…instructions and the commandments that I’ve written…”

Exodus 24:12

Daylight Prayer – Lord, I find waiting so difficult. You would think that at my age I would find a way to settle in and do it without complaint. But alas, I still flail and fidget, groan and grip and make myself and others miserable. Lord, help me to have the faith of Moses, who was willing to come to you, even though it was a climb and a struggle. Help me to wait for your gifts of instruction and commandment that will order and guide my life. Amen.

Photo by David Sonneweber

About Judy Eurey

In my life I am a wife to Ed, a mom to Amanda and Charles, Mimi to Sara and Jessy, and Judy to my friends and family. In 2019 I retired from pastoral ministry and have settled into my new normal. Frankly I love being retired. Unless otherwise noted, the Scripture passages used on my blog DayLight are my own paraphrased interpretations. I invite you to verify, dispute and otherwise comment. I am open to discussion.

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