Monthly Archives: August 2016

Daylight 8-20-16


What kind of friend are you?Daylight Scripture – Those who love a pure heart— their speech
is gracious, and the king is their friend.

Proverbs 22:11

Daylight Prayer – Lord, thank you for the love of friends. Thank you for not allowing us to be alone in the world and for giving us one another to lean on. I know that we don’t always get friendships made perfectly, but we would be pretty lonely without one another. Help us to be friends with those who are near us. Amen.

Daylight 8-18-16


Daylight Scripture –  The prayers of the righteous person are powerful in what they can achieve.

James 5:16b

Daylight Prayer – Thank you Lord for the constant connection that you give us through prayer. I don’t know how my prayers reach your heart, I just know that they do. So let me always remember that you are just one prayer, one breath, one thought, one hope, one instant from me. All I do is turn.  Amen.

Daylight 8-3-16


imageDaylight Scripture – I will make of you a great nation and will bless you. I will make your name respected, and you will be a blessing.

Genesis 12: 2

Daylight Prayer – Gracious God, your love is the greatest blessing of all. Thank you for loving me even when I am and have been quite unlovable. Help me to realize that the blessing of love you give to me is to become a blessing of love to others. Give me empathy, grace and a heart overflowing with your mercy. Amen.

Daylight 8-2-16


Image result for mad babyDaylight Scripture – Let go of anger and leave rage behind! Don’t get upset—it will only lead to evil.

Psalm 37:8

Daylight Prayer – Lord, I know that it is a bad idea to get angry, but at times my emotions get the best of me. Help me today to not let the small irritations in my world become more than my mouth can contain, and help me to be at peace even when I get mad. Amen.