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DayLight 7-8-16


DayLight Scripture –  “I give you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, so you also must love each other. “

John 13:34

DayLight Prayer – Dear Lord,  I do not have many words for the current status of our country. We are divided over so many issues, that it seems impossible to have unity and to get along; to try to understand one another’s problems, hurts, sadness, treatment, and fears. Our differences have led into unspeakable violence against each other, to cruelty, even to murder.  Lord, have mercy on us, forgive us, and help us to remember your commandment with sincere intention to live into Jesus’ words. Strengthen us, embolden us, encourage us, heal us, and release us to live with fresh commitment to loving one another even amid our differences.  Amen.

DayLight 2.6.16


Portrait - Painting - Lost womanDayLight Scripture – You also must wait patiently, strengthening your resolve, because the coming of the Lord is near.

James 5:8

DayLight Prayer – Lord, waiting is difficult to do. My prayer today is for that person who is waiting, waiting for a diagnosis, waiting for a restored relationship, waiting for a prodigal child, waiting for things to get better. Be with us in our waiting Lord, and in your mercy, cheer us. Amen.

DayLight 2.5.16


moneyDayLight Scripture – When someone entrusts money or other items to another person to keep safe and they are stolen from the other person’s house and the thief is caught, the thief must pay back double.

Exodus 22:7

DayLight Prayer – God, I pray for those whose money has been stolen…under false pretenses, by a robber, or by our own desires for useless things. Help us Lord. We struggle with this thing called wealth. Help us grasp that money is not God. You are God. Amen.

DayLight 2.4.16


lostDayLight Scripture – I’ve wandered off like a sheep, lost. Find your servant because I haven’t forgotten your commandments!

Psalm 119: 176

DayLight Prayer – Lord, today my prayer is for those of us who find ourselves off course, lost in our journey. The world and the people around us have made us swimmy-headed, confused and unable to remember your words. Help us to regain our sense of direction and focus. Amen.

DayLight 2.3.16


gentlenessDayLight Scripture – But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against things like this.

Galatians 5: 22-23

DayLight Prayer – Dear Lord,  I thank you for all those who treat me with gentleness. When I experience that fruit of the Spirit, I know that it comes from a heart filled with your love. Help each of us to cultivate gentleness of life. Amen.

Daylight 2-2-16


caucus-dictionaryDaylight Scripture – Who can live in your tent, Lord?  Who can dwell on your holy mountain? The person who lives free of blame, does what is right, and speaks the truth sincerely;

Psalm 15: 1-2

Daylight Prayer – Lord, today my prayer is for all persons who are running for public office, and for all who are voting. Help us to elect the people who are blameless, who do what is right and who always speak the sincere truth. Help us to see the difference in them and give us wisdom to pray before we vote. Amen.