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DayLight 8.31.14


moonliteDayLight Scripture – First of all, then, I ask that requests, prayers, petitions, and thanksgiving be made for all people. Pray for kings and everyone who is in authority so that we can live a quiet and peaceful life in complete godliness and dignity.

1 Timothy 2:1-2

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Today my prayer is for all men and women who serve in government, those elected to represent the people. God, please inspire them with what is good and right. Help them to seek to care for others before their own interests. Give them courage to stand up for the oppressed and persons who are unable to take care of themselves. Instill peace and wisdom in every elected individual. Help them to know too when they have become ineffective, jaded, and immovable stumps. Give them the desire to step out of public service when it is time.  Amen.

DayLight 8.30.14


stand-out-from-competitionDayLight Scripture –  But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a custodian.

Galatians 3:25

DayLight Prayer – Lord, For all of us who want to be trendy, bigger than life, and faithful I pray for wisdom to separate what is good from what is frivolous. Help me everyday, and especially today, to offer thanksgiving for the days you have given me.  Amen. 

DayLight 8.29.14


DayLight Scripture – At the same time we wait for the blessed hope and the glorious appearance of our great God and savior Jesus Christ.  He gave himself for us in order to rescue us from every kind of lawless behavior, and cleanse a special people for himself who are eager to do good actions.

Flashing Lights and Sign on School BusTitus 2:13-14

DayLight Prayer – Lord, My prayer for today is for the students, teachers, administrators, coaches, assistants, bus drivers, and everyone who has a part in creating a safe and fun environment for learning. May God be with each one of you as you begin another year. May God give you strength and presence of mind for good actions. Amen.

DayLight 8.28.14


hypocriteDayLight Scripture – My brothers and sisters, what good is it if people say they have faith but do nothing to show it? Claiming to have faith can’t save anyone, can it?

James 2:14

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Forgive me for times that my claims do not match my actions.  Amen.

DayLight 8.27.14


light-path1DayLight Scripture –  The city doesn’t need the sun or the moon to shine on it, because God’s glory is its light, and its lamp is the Sacrifice. The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it.

Revelation 21:23-24

DayLight Prayer – Father of Heaven, Today I pray for anyone who might feel that their life may never be lit by God’s light. May your spirit remind them that the light of Jesus is such that it can infiltrate even the darkest place. Send to them people who can bring that light, and someone who can help them take the first step. Every journey, someone said, begins with one step. Amen.

DayLight 8.26.14


grassfieldDayLight Scripture – Look, my Servant whom I chose, the one I love, in whom I find great pleasure. I’ll put my Spirit upon him, and he’ll announce judgment to the nations. He won’t argue or shout, and nobody will hear his voice in the streets. He won’t break a bent stalk, and he won’t snuff out a smoldering wick, until he makes justice win. And the nations will put their hope in his name.

Matthew 12: 18-21

DayLight Prayer – Lord, I know this beautiful scripture from Isaiah speaks of Jesus, but if only I could let my life reflect his gentleness, no shouting or arguing, no drama, then you could generate hope through me in ways that might speak to someone who does not know you. My prayer is that you help me follow the ways of Jesus more everyday. Amen. 

DayLight 8.25.14


seedDayLight Scripture – Light is planted like seed for the righteous person;  joy too for those whose heart is right.

Psalm 97:11

DayLight Prayer – Lord, When my life is filled with your light and joy, I see the world so differently. Thank you God for the spaces in which you have planed the seeds of light for me. Help me to spread them to others. Amen.

DayLight 8.23.14


vazDayLight Scripture – The Lord said, “I’ll make all my goodness pass in front of you, and I’ll proclaim before you the name, ‘The Lord.’ I will be kind to whomever I wish to be kind, and I will have compassion to whomever I wish to be compassionate.

Exodus 33:19

DayLight Prayer – Lord, I remember the stories of Jesus and his compassion. What they teach me is that you are compassion too. You are all compassion. How else could we live from day to day. Thank you Lord for your compassionate mercy. Amen.

DayLight 8.21.14


thDayLight Scripture – Live your life with love, following the example of Christ, who loved us and gave himself for us.

Ephesians 5:2

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Forgive me because I fail to follow the loving example of Jesus all the time. I am often selfish, and simply do not want give myself for others every minute of every day. ! I know that I should want to, but there are moments when I cry like a baby…silently of course…saying me, me, me, mine, mine, mine. I’m sorry, Lord. Continue to work with me. Continue to love me. Continue to teach me. Continue to help me get better at following your example.  Amen.

DayLight 8.21.14


orange-sky-textureDayLight Scripture – You must make every effort to add moral excellence to your faith; and to moral excellence, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, endurance; and to endurance, godliness; and to godliness, affection for others; and to affection for others, love.

2 Peter 1: 5-7

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Help me today to add these essentials to my faith, for I know they will increase my credibility as a herald of the gospel. For if I don’t act like I am faithful, who will believe me? Amen.