To encourage us

DayLight 10.19.14

on October 20, 2014

pile-of-money-wallpaperDayLight Scripture – Don’t be overly impressed when someone becomes rich, their house swelling to fantastic proportions, because when they die, they won’t take any of it with them.

Psalm 49: 16-17

DayLight Prayer – Lord, I know that we believe that money keeps us completely secure. It does in the physical world, at least to a degree. Of course it doesn’t have much effect on our human nature. Money doesn’t cure hate, avarice, lust or cruelty. It wont’ help us at all at our last breath. Father, teach us to be concerned more with our relationship with you and others in our lives. Help us to know that money can make us comfortable, but only Jesus can save us. Only Jesus will be with us when we breathe our last. Thank you for your great mercy. Amen.

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