DayLight 9.18.14


Milky Way over Castle Valley UtahDayLight Scripture – The skies were made by the Lord’s word, all their starry multitude by the breath of his mouth.

Psalm 33:6

DayLight Prayer – Lord, I am so thankful for eyesight that allows me to see the stars you have made. I pray today for all those whose lives need to be blessed by the vision of your majestic heavens. Help them when they gaze at the stars to know that you are present and loving them.  Amen.

About Judy Eurey

In my life I am a wife to Ed, a mom to Amanda and Charles, Mimi to Sara and Jessy, and Judy to my friends and family. In 2019 I retired from pastoral ministry and have settled into my new normal. Frankly I love being retired. Unless otherwise noted, the Scripture passages used on my blog DayLight are my own paraphrased interpretations. I invite you to verify, dispute and otherwise comment. I am open to discussion.

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