DayLight 8.18.14


forgotten childDayLight Scripture – Because the one who avenges bloodshed remembers those who suffer; the Lord hasn’t forgotten their cries for help.

Psalm 9:12

DayLight Prayer – Lord, I pray for children who are suffering today, the small boys given live ammunition and forced to fight wars  someone else started. I pray for little girls who are dressed up and painted up as women of pleasure. I pray for children who are made to work their way through childhood and who miss the years of happy-go-lucky play. Have mercy on us God for turning our minds and our eyes away from these realities of our world. Give us the boldness to support measures that overcome the oppression and suffering of our world’s children. Amen.

About Judy Eurey

In my life I am a wife to Ed, a mom to Amanda and Charles, Mimi to Sara and Jessy, and Judy to my friends and family. In 2019 I retired from pastoral ministry and have settled into my new normal. Frankly I love being retired. Unless otherwise noted, the Scripture passages used on my blog DayLight are my own paraphrased interpretations. I invite you to verify, dispute and otherwise comment. I am open to discussion.

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