DayLight 10.21.13



DayLight Scripture –

Then a voice went out from the throne and said,  “Praise our God, all you his servants, and you who fear him, both small and great.”

Revelation 19: 5

DayLight Prayer – It is commanded that the Lord of us all be praised. Lord forgive me when I look elsewhere for things to praise. Forgive me for seeking the trinkets that twinkle before me, but that have no significance or endurance. Help me to see the good, and help me to seek the good. Help me to ignore the fancy baubles that try to attract me.  Amen.

About Judy Eurey

In my life I am a wife to Ed, a mom to Amanda and Charles, Mimi to Sara and Jessy, and Judy to my friends and family. In 2019 I retired from pastoral ministry and have settled into my new normal. Frankly I love being retired. Unless otherwise noted, the Scripture passages used on my blog DayLight are my own paraphrased interpretations. I invite you to verify, dispute and otherwise comment. I am open to discussion.

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