To encourage us

DayLight 8.7.13

on August 7, 2013


DayLight Scripture –

Take up my way, all of you, and learn from me. I am gentle and humble in heart and in me you will find rest.

Matthew 11:29

DayLight Prayer –

Lord, Many times I consider your way most difficult. The reason is simply that I try to take up your way in my own strength and through my own will, rather than yours. I know that your gentle and humble heart is where I find rest and peace, but it is also there that I find the strength I need to take up your way. Amen.

2 responses to “DayLight 8.7.13

  1. Carroll Phelps says:

    I know this was just for me, something I knew, but I needed a reminder. God is great.

  2. Judy Eurey says:

    Hey Carroll. You are still planning to preach on Sept. 1 at Pisgah UMC, right? Blessings!

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