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DayLight 4.7.15


beam3DayLight Scripture –   God said, “Let there be light.” And so light appeared.

Genesis 1:3

DayLight Prayer – Lord, I am so grateful for the light that you speak into my life. I need your help every single day to survive in some of the dark places I yet see in this world. Keep me filled with your light, and let it be spoken through me. Amen.

DayLight 4.5.15


Go and tellDayLight Scripture –   Now hurry, go and tell his disciples, ‘He’s been raised from the dead. He’s going on ahead of you to Galilee. You will see him there.’ I’ve given the message to you women to go and tell.”

Matthew 28:7

DayLight Prayer – Lord, With happiness I celebrate your resurrection. I thank you for what you have done on my behalf and for all people. Once we were slaves, but now we are free. God be with us all as we live into being Easter people. Amen.

DayLight 4.4.15


h01_RTR30G2EDayLight Scripture – Joseph took the body, wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, and laid it in his own new tomb, which he had carved out of the rock. After he rolled a large stone at the door of the tomb, he went away.

Matthew 27:59

DayLight Prayer – Lord, On this the Holy Saturday of your passion, help us to feel the depth of your sacrifice. Give us strength, power and willingness to walk the way of Jesus, to love and to serve others. Lord have mercy. Amen.

DayLight 4.3.15


bw-crossDayLight Scripture –   Carrying his cross by himself, he went out to a place called Skull Place (in Aramaic, Golgotha). That’s where they crucified him—and two others with him, one on each side and Jesus in the middle.

John 19:17-18

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Help me to think on your great love. A love that died for me. Amen.

DayLight 4.2.15


Group of people with pile of handsDayLight Scripture –   “I’m not praying only for them but also for those who believe in me because of their word. I pray they will be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. I pray that they also will be in us, so that the world will believe that you sent me.

John 17: 20-21

DayLight Prayer – Lord, I am always awed by your priestly prayer that you prayed the night before your passion. I ask you to strengthen us for being who you pray us to be. Show us how to be one, and how to tell the world of your great love. Lord have mercy. Amen.

DayLight 4.1.15

Susan Clark, Artist

Susan Clark, Artist

DayLight Scripture –  Fools say in their hearts, There is no God. They are corrupt and do evil things; not one of them does anything good.

Psalm 14:1

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Forgive the silly games we play, and how they take our minds and our attention away from you and your mission in the earth. You have given us each a mission and a purpose, but instead of seeking it and living into it, we play. And people are lost, hurting, and left out. Lord, have mercy. Amen.

DayLight 3.31.15

Shevon Johnson

Shevon Johnson

DayLight Scripture –   I’ve taken refuge in you, Lord. Don’t let me ever be put to shame! Deliver me and rescue me by your righteousness! Bend your ear toward me and save me! Be my rock of refuge where I can always escape. You commanded that my life be saved because you are my rock and fortress.

Psalm 71: 1-4

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Today I pray for people who have been abused by strangers, friends or family. I mean, the children who are struck, shamed, and ridiculed; I mean the men who are belittled, shunned and used; I mean the women who are gagged, violated, and slapped. I know you know their pain.I pray for their strength and for your rescue to save them and refuge to restore them. Lord have mercy. Amen.