Monthly Archives: May 2014

DayLight 5.21.14


horseDayLight Scripture – Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will fly up on wings like eagles; they will run and not be tired; they will walk and not be weary.

Isaiah 40:31

DayLight Prayer – Lord, I am so grateful that you renew my strength every day. Help those whose strength is beyond their imagining, who believe that walking is not within their grasp. Give them hope that you will see them run tirelessly one day. Amen.

DayLight 5.20.14


lambDayLight Scripture – What of the wisdom from above? First, it is pure, and then peaceful, gentle, obedient, filled with mercy and good actions, fair, and genuine.

James 3:17

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Forgive me when my actions are not wise…which I am sorry to say is way too often. In your mercy give me wisdom from above. Through your Holy Spirit purify me, so that I will exhibit a peaceful, gentle spirit. Amen.

DayLight 5.19.14


headbowedDayLight Scripture – Because my days disappear like smoke, my bones are burned up as if in an oven;  my heart is smashed like dried-up grass. I even forget to eat my food .

Psalm 102: 3-4

DayLight Prayer – Lord, I know that everyday is not joyful for everyone. Some days are so difficult that food loses its meaning. For anyone that is experiencing such a day, I pray for your blessed comfort to be with them. Send to them what they need to make it through. Amen.

DayLight 5.18.14


earth-handsDayLight Scripture – The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it.

Psalm 24:1

DayLight Prayer – Great creator, you have established your creation for a blessings. Help me to remember whose I am.  Amen.

DayLight 5.16.14


Basket with vegetablesDayLight Scripture – A man came from Baal-shalishah, bringing the man of God some bread from the early produce—twenty loaves of barley bread and fresh grain from his bag. Elisha said, “Give it to the people so they can eat.”

2 Kings 4: 42

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Today I thank you for the provisioning that you do for us everyday. I pray for those whose hardships at times overwhelm them. I pray that you will send your people into those places with fresh grain, fresh bread and fresh hope. Show me, send me. Amen.

DayLight 5.15.14


breadDayLight Scripture – Jesus said, “To what can I compare God’s kingdom?  It’s like yeast, which a woman took and hid in a bushel of wheat flour until the yeast had worked its way through the whole.”

Genesis 3:20

DayLight Prayer –  I love to see your kingdom Lord. I thank you for the glimpses you allow me to witness, when people give of themselves freely, when they offer hospitality to strangers, when they pray for those whom they don’t even know.  Today I pray for people who long to see you in the here and now. May your Spirit remind them to look in the mirror. Amen.

DayLight 5.14.14


peaceDayLight Scripture – Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you. I give to you not as the world gives. Don’t be troubled or afraid.

John 14:27

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Today I pray for those who are living hectic, chaotic, and fearful lives. Help them where ever they are, and in  whatever circumstances they are in to know your peace. Send them a word, a song, a person to reveal your love and the hope that is found in you. Amen.

DayLight 5.13.14


holdinghandDayLight Scripture – Don’t be troubled. Trust in God. Trust also in me.

John 14:1

DayLight Prayer – Lord, Thank you for the grace to trust in you. I know that we trouble ourselves unnecessarily, over issues that are so far from important. Forgive me when I do that, and help me too look beyond myself and place all in your perfect will. Amen.

DayLight 5.11.14


giraffeDayLight Scripture – Adam named his wife Eve because she is the mother of everyone who lives.

Genesis 3:20

DayLight Prayer – Lord, I pray for all the mothers I know. Please bless each one with the nurturing of our Lord, who gave his life for us. Also today I pray for anyone who longs to be a mother, but yet hasn’t been. May you give them children to love, even if those children are adults. I also remember those whose mothers have died. Comfort them when they feel the twinge of grief today. Thank you God for my own dear momma. She loved me and I love her. Amen.